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27 July 2024
9:00 am - 3:00 pm
24 August 2024
9:00 am - 3:00 pm

About Us

Our Purpose

ROAR is chapter 795 of the NAR. We are a community of sports rocketry enthusiasts of all levels, from beginners to experts, who share a common passion for rocketry. The club provides a venue for rocketeers and students in Central Florida to have fun learning, building, and launching rockets of various sizes and shapes. We also promote safe and responsible rocketry practices, following a similar process to the launch protocol of NASA.  The club’s mission is to inspire and educate the next generation of rocket scientists and engineers, as well as to enjoy the thrill and excitement of rocketry as a hobby.

We hold monthly public launches typically on the 4th Saturday of every month from 10AM to 4PM.

Volunteers and enthusiasts of all ages are welcome!

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Mark Seamon

Mark Seamon is the current president of Regional Orlando Applied Rocketry. Mark has been a long time sports rocketry enthusiast, who enjoys building and launching rockets of various sizes and shapes. He holds a level 1 certification in high powered rocketry from the NAR, which allows him to fly rockets with motors up to H class.  He now uses his skills and knowledge to create custom rocket parts and accessories for himself and other members of ROAR. Mark is a friendly and helpful leader, who always welcomes new members and visitors to ROAR. He is always ready to offer advice, assistance, and encouragement to anyone who wants to join him in this exciting hobby.

A picture of the President Mark holding a very large rocket.
A picture of vice president Travis.

Travis Riley
Vice President

Travis is an Aerospace Engineer with four years of experience working in electronics, test and automated systems. Travis is currently L2 certified. 

Launching With ROAR


To launch a rocket on our field we must ensure that we comply with all requirements from Orange County and the National Association of Rocketry (NAR).

To ensure we meet the requirements of our County and the NAR we ask that everyone launching a rocket be a member of ROAR and a member of NAR.

On this field, vendors are not permitted to sell any items per county policy.


Per county policy please note that anyone under 18 years old must be accompanied by an adult.  Kids are still welcome to join us, including launching their own rockets and participating in our flight control crew, but we do have to impose this requirement as a condition for using the field.


To fly with ROAR please obtain memberships for the following:

  1. ROAR membership: Dues are $20 per year per person. Collected in cash on launch day.
  2. NAR Membership: Members can join the NAR through the NAR website here.
See membership page here for more details.

Our Field

  • Field dimensions: 1200 ft x 1500 ft
  • Current Launch Limitations:
    • Altitude Ceiling: 3000ft
    • Total Vehicle Weight (with motor): 53 ozs
    • Maximum Motor: Class G
    • Maximum Motor propellant : 4.4 ozs
    • Max Impulse: 36 lbs-s (106 N-s)
  • Nearby Fire Department (Station 84)
  • Public Restrooms